The Company

The best entertainment experience, a wonderful feeling of disconnection and rest, and warmth in your service, translates into a single word: Enjoy, the leading company in the industry in Latin America.


Our company is focused on generating customer loyalty and value through a unique combination of entertainment, exceptional service and technological leadership.


From our origins in 1975, the Company has achieved a strong expansion in the region, with a customer-focused business model aimed at generating entertainment experiences.


We were pioneers in the creation of a responsible gaming program and we are committed to the healthy entertainment of our customers.


Enjoy’s sustainable approach is also present in our commitment to the environment and the communities where we operate.


In the same place it is possible to access to gambling, hotels, gastronomy, events, congresses and seminars, tourism, spa, nightclubs, among other leisure alternatives. Today its offer leads the industry in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.


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Contact: Carolina Gálvez, Investor Relations • Phone: +562 2770 5040 • 

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